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Comments about AndroidMaps?  Is there a country or area you’d like me to cover?  Let me know below!

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  1. Hi ian,

    Map of Czech Republic is corrupted. I can not open it in Locus. It had aprox. 370MB previously. It has half of the size right now.
    Are you able to fix it?

    thank you

    1. Hi Pablo

      I’m in the middle of a map generating cycle (usually takes 2-3 weeks) but when it is finished I will look at fixing the map for the Czech Republic.


    1. Hi Pablo

      I’ll have a look through the geofabrik source before I start the next map generation cycle and add in any new countries they’re offering, thanks for letting me know 🙂


  2. Hi,
    thank you for the maps.

    Map of England doesnt work for me (version: September 10, 2020). Locus doesnt show it at all. Older map version (I dont know which one) was working and it had 2 times bigger size.


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